Skye Dive

Half inch thick plate glass "Skye Dive"carving by Kyle Hunter depicting two Minke whales (as frequent the waters around Skye)

+ £175.00 P&P


Commissioned and imported especially for "The Misty Isle", Kyle Hunter has produced an amazing original work of glass art, mounted on a spalded oak frame with built in recessed illumination.  This is a collectors piece.

There is only one in the world like it!  It is original and signed. The detail is beautiful and it has not failed to draw gasps whenever it is seen illuminated for the first time.

Kyle has captured the whales and the feeling of deep blue water together with the freedom of Skye.

Packaging and delivery in the UK is £175.00 (but we may be able to deliver f.o.c. depending upon the area). Please contact Jon for a quote on non UK and UK delivery


Above is a close up of one of the fish shoals in the scene showing great detail.  I am happy to send high resolution images of this piece to any prospective customer, and to be honest, you could not do the piece justice without seeing it at close quarters.